How to Stand Out
From Your Competitors
In 5 Days

Even if you have no brand!

What you can expect:

5 days of free lessons & daily action steps sent straight to your inbox! 

Day 1

Define and Understand Your Target Audience

Understand their goals, aspirations, and pain-points by creating a target persona of your ideal customer.

Day 2

Validate Your Insights with Market Research

We will start in facebook groups and amazon book reviews to learn and implement key insights and data to your target persona.

Day 3

Determine Your Differentiator 

I provide you a framework to help you determine what is the one thing that makes you distinct from your competitors and why your customers should choose you over anyone else in your category.

Day 4

Create Your Positioning Statement 

We are going to tie everything together to craft your positioning statement.

Day 5

How to Use Your Positioning Statement 

Utilize your positioning statement to help you make business decisions that are focused and aligned to your business goals.

Ready to stand out from all the noise online?

About JJ Creative

Jacqueline Jouan

Hi! I’m Jackie 

I’m a brand designer and strategist from Edmonton, Canada.

I help and guide startups and small businesses to create sustainable purpose-driven brands that scale online and drive value and growth to the lives of their clients.

You can find me at or on instagram chatting all things brand strategy and design!