WordPress For Your Biz

5 Facts about WordPress You Should Know

The Importance of your Website

I will firstly say before you start anything, that your website is one of the most important tools you will have to promote your business and convert your future customers. It is a worth while investment for the success and growth of your business. So make sure you know your business, you have your budget and timeline, and you have a clear goal for what you want out of this website. The time you put into it now will help your business thrive in the long run I promise! So investing in a good designer and content writer to help you out with this will greatly benefit your business.

That being said, don’t rush this crucial part with zero knowledge and research, even if it just means booking a few consultations with a web designer to make sure you are on the right track with your DIY design or having a content writer update your web copy so it speaks to your audience and is filled with plenty of juicy keywords for your site to be found. (SEO Optimized)

Now time to learn about WordPress.

The Down-Low on WordPress

So a little bit about WordPress to educate everyone who doesn’t know this platform very well, or for those of you considering it for your site. WordPress is a content management system that powers about 30% of the web! A content management system allows you to edit and alter the appearance of your website, without having to use code. Furthermore, it’s highly customizable, SEO-friendly, and it provides a massive selection of themes and plugins for your site.

Why I Love It

As a web designer I love the endless possibilities that WordPress has for creating a new website. You have the ability to adapt your site to the changes and evolution of your new business by adding new pages, edits, add new plugins to allow for e-commerce, new products, landing pages, and the list goes on. There really is no limit on what you can build with WordPress, which makes it extremely popular. And as a web designer, this gives me complete freedom to customize your site to your exact needs.

Below are 5 major benefits and drawbacks of this platform so you have a better understanding of how it works.


1.) Adaptability 

So unlike Wix and Squarespace, WordPress is an open source platform which allows coders to build various functionalities and plugins to improve WordPress sites. This gives you endless options and possibilities to grow and adapt your site to the changes of your business. You are not restricted in any way with what you can achieve with your site. 

2.) Endless Amounts of Themes to Choose From

There are so many themes you can choose from for your new site and you can customize them exactly to how you envision your new website. Themes like Divi are flexible and multi-functional and they allow you to have a framework to start from when creating and customizing your dream site.

3.) Learning Curve of the Platform

In my opinion, this is the deciding factor from going with WordPress over Wix or Squarespace. Because WordPress is an open source platform that allows you complete reign over customization and functionalities for your site, there is a a higher learning curve of the platform. Is it impossible and extremely difficult? Absolutely not. Do you need to know coding to use wordpress? No, in fact there are drag and drop features you can add to your site that make it easy for you to customize with no coding experience. 

4.) Update Your Site Regularly

It’s good to know that if you choose WordPress, you will need to make sure all plugins and your site are updated regularly. This is very important for the safety of your site so if you don’t have time to do it, you can outsource this task at a very reasonable rate.

5.) Costs

WordPress is absolutely free so you just need to purchase hosting from a provider such as BlueHost or Godaddy which costs just under $5 per month, purchase a domain, and purchase your preferred theme (usually anywhere from 30-60 dollars), and you are set.


WordPress isn’t the only option out there but it is in my opinion one of the most advanced and flexible management systems for you to use to create and further improve your site with changes and additions that you will have in your business.

If you are looking for flexibility, endless amounts of features and themes to choose from, the ability to do whatever you want with your site without any restrictions, and you have the time to learn the basics of the platform and update your plugins regularly, then WordPress is the right choice for you.

If you have further questions about choosing the right platform for your website, contact me for a free consultation and I will help you with some crucial questions on deciding what platform is best for you and your business.


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